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  • Isabel Encinares

Clubhouse Now Has a Direct Messaging System Called 'Backchannel'

Clubhouse has just added a new feature that allows you to go beyond live Rooms and audio chats. The new feature is based around direct messaging and group chats, and has been named ‘Backchannel’.

As can be seen in the image above, Backchannel is basically just a new messaging feature that will allow Club members, Creators, and room attendees to connect and continue discussions in ways not normally possible on Clubhouse.

According to Clubhouse:

"Backchannel has both 1:1 and group chat, and an optional second inbox for message requests. This means you can use it to discuss your rooms in real-time, send and receive questions from the audience, say thanks to someone, plan events, and more."

The new feature has brought a new element to the table and is allowing Clubhouse users to enhance their live audio and engagement experience. Not only is it giving users a more direct way to engage with speakers, but it is also allowing users to connect with more people and make even more Clubhouse friends without being limited by the different Rooms.

According to different users, they had already been using third-party tools to chat and talk to different Clubhouse users outside of Rooms, as this has helped boost connection engagement. However, with Clubhouse's new update, users no longer have to resort to using third-part tools and platforms. While there are a number of audio social options similar to Clubhouse, it’s great to see Clubhouse listening to its audience as it tries to maintain growth momentum and build upon its current potential.

Clubhouse has also noted that, as the app grows and evolves, it plans to improve and add more features to Backchannel and its various text elements.

However, the app’s current focus is most likely making the app available to all users, as Clubhouse is currently an invite-only app. With Twitter spaces growing and the possibility of it gaining more focus as Fleets shut down, and Facebook opening up more audio social tools to groups and influences, Clubhouse has some fierce competition and needs to step up its game to win over the competition.

Whether Clubhouse succeeds in growing or is overshadowed by more popular social media, we are not currently sure. But if it wants to even compete, constantly adding new features and elements to the app such as this one is sure to enhance its community connection and appeal.

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