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  • Isabel Encinares

Clubhouse Launches Its Creator First Program in India

Clubhouse has recently launched its app on Android and it has since seen incredible growth. Ever since Clubhouse has been made available to the Android user base, 4 million extra users have been added. This is around triple the amount of iOS Clubhouse users. Based on Clubhouse's recent announcement wherein they stated that they would be expanding the Creator First Grant program to fun selected Indian creators, most of the 4 million Clubhouse users are likely to be based in India.

According to Clubhouse:

"Since our Android release just a few weeks ago, millions of people in India have downloaded Clubhouse to have real, meaningful, and often very fun conversations. We stand in awe of the Clubhouse creators in India who are sharing their talents with people all over the world."

The Creator First program, which has also been made available in the US, is a program that provides selected creators with support and guidance, allowing them to continue creating and growing their concepts within Clubhouse. Moreover, Clubhouse also offers the participants of the said program and guaranteed minimum income of $5k every month. While it is currently not known if the rate is the same for India-based participants, a monthly stipend is still definitely part of the package.

"In India, over the last few weeks, we’ve seen rooms on cricket, on music (including really fun Antakshari rooms), rooms on gaming and contests, rooms on religion and prayer, and so much more. We are so excited to see what creators from across India will bring to the table."

The funding from Clubhouse will not only allow to create even better high quality content, but will also allow creators to establish bonds with Clubhouse as they grow together. On another note, Clubhouse may have come to India at just the right time as Twitter has been facing restrictions and TikTok has been banned completely. Due to all of this, new opportunities for social media apps in India. However, Indian digital adoption is still in its early phases. As such, Clubhouse is currently able to fill a specific area of need in India, that it doesn't in most other places.

In relation to this, the number of communication styles is the reason why Facebook added voice clips as a status option in India back in 2018. And again, the number of communication styles is most likely why Clubhouse is gaining traction within the country. Of course, the Indian Government may soon start paying attention to and restricting the app, but as of now, Clubhouse may be India’s best bet as Twitter’s Spaces continue to evolve and Facebook's audio rooms get very close to proper launch.

Given all of this, it would make sense if Clubhouse starts looking for ways to grow more within the Indian market. It could work, being one of Clubhouse’s most long-term initiatives thus far.

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