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  • Meerelle Cruz

Clubhouse Has Launched Resource Hub "Creator Commons" to Assist You With Your Platform Strategy

In many ways, it appears that Clubhouse is currently taking a back seat amid the growing discussion about other audio networking technologies, particularly Twitter Spaces. The much-hyped app peaked in downloads earlier this year but has since calmed down, with a wider launch and shift out of invite-only beta, allowing it to reach new audiences while also losing exclusivity and lowering the platform's cool appeal.

Is this a sign that Clubhouse is on its way out, or is there still room in Clubs that many people are ignoring?

The only way to know for sure is to participate - and if you're planning a trip to the Clubhouse, its new facts and insights portal will let you learn more about the app and the possibilities offered by its numerous Rooms and features. The ‘Creator Commons' on Clubhouse gives useful information on all elements of Clubhouse usage and how you may improve your presence.

As you can see, the information center contains a variety of pieces, including thorough descriptions of how Clubs and Rooms operate and how you can participate in each. There are also particular remarks on brand utilization, and while Clubhouse does not now provide analytics data (it is working on it), there are recommendations on how to analyze your in-app performance and what features to look at.

A ‘Brands and Monetization' overview is also available, which contains information on payments and sponsors in Rooms. It's a useful resource for people considering the app and its marketing potential - and with the holidays approaching, now might be the best time to look into the app's potential and see if it can help you increase your branding efforts. The bigger concern, of course, is whether Clubhouse can continue to grow as the market becomes more competitive.

Clubhouse, the first social audio network, swiftly grew to 2 million active members earlier this year, before slowing when imitators like Twitter Spaces entered the market. Clubhouse downloads spiked after the debut of its Android app and the aforementioned increase of app access, but as Spaces evolves and Twitter prepares for the next stage of Spaces development, interest in Clubhouse appears to have decreased dramatically, especially in western regions. However, there are still opportunities.

Clubhouse currently has over 12 million users and 600,000 rooms per day, up from 300,000 in May. The app has seen particularly strong development in India, where Android is by far the most popular operating system, and where users have embraced the openness of live chat combined with the less data-intensive audio-only method.

Spaces do not appear to be a significant threat to Clubhouse in the Indian market, as Twitter has struggled to expand its presence in the country (currently with 22 million Indian users), and Twitter has recently come under increased scrutiny from Indian officials in regards to the content that it allows and removes from its site. Spaces, then, could be a difficult part for Twitter to improve in any significant manner, which could benefit Clubhouse – but it also appears to be only a matter of time until Indian regulators become more interested in what's going on Clubhouse.

At the same time, Facebook has over 340 million Indian users, and the steady rollout of its Audio Rooms feature could be a hurdle for Clubhouse, stifling its growth. As a result, predicting what the future holds for Clubhouse is challenging. India is a crucial market, based on its different campaigns, and Clubhouse may be able to create a position for itself in the region and become a more substantial, long-lasting platform as a result of its efforts.

But it's too early to tell, and with the big players continuing to invest in their own audio social choices, it'll be an increasingly difficult hill to climb for the app, but perhaps not insurmountable if it can find its niche. Its Creator Commons hub is another important component in facilitating broader expansion and promoting more usage – and perhaps, by strengthening its ties and tools for artists, Clubhouse can consolidate its position.

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