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  • Isabel Encinares

Clubhouse Announces The First Participants of Its 'Creator First' Program

Despite being a fairly new platform, the relevance of Clubhouse is dwindling and is currently losing out to other, more popular social media platforms. These bigger platforms have the capacity to immediately provide the same tools as Clubhouse and have begun tapping into the idea on which Clubhouse originated. Because of this, it is a constant struggle for Clubhouse and it’s growth has been stunted as fewer people download the app each month.

Given all this information, Clubhouse’s information isn’t looking too bright, unless they can find a more unique and refreshing angle.

Speaking of which, Clubhouse has been continuously making announcements that have been leading into their next key shift that will either make or break the platform. Clubhouse plans to use the incoming changes to cater to a specific niche. This will be done in order to enable Clubhouse to stay afloat amidst all the harsh competition.

The first to arrive out of Clubhouse’s many new changes is the announcement of the ‘Creator First’ grants program. Through this program, Clubhouse will be funding a number of different ‘Clubhouse Creators’ in order for them to produce unique, refreshing, top-quality content.

Clubhouse initially announced this program back in March in which it will provide support, resources, and equipment in order for the ‘Clubhouse creators’ to create a brand of original audio concepts. All beneficiaries of the program will be guaranteed at least $5000 in income each month. Moreover, Clubhouse will also give assistance in obtaining sponsorships and brand partnerships to establish a more sustainable way of funding the creators.

It is through this program that the app will be able to secure a more original and unique flow of content while also ensuring that popular creators keep sharing on the platform and keep establishing connections with their audience. Drawing in listeners, getting them to come back, and keeping Clubhouse afloat.

Moreover, Clubhouse is aiming to keep original content coming as well as improving its quality by hiring two new people. Namely, these are Kelly Stoetzel, the former head of conferences and speaker curation at TED, and Justin Uberti, a former Google engineer who was heavily involved in audio and video product offerings.

However, Clubhouse does not plan to stop there. They will also be recruiting more capable people to the platform and will be utilizing Stoetzel’s experience and connections to secure a range of high-profile partnerships, employees, content creators, and more.

Meanwhile, they will be using Uberti’s expertise to improve the quality of the app itself and ensure that all users are getting optimal audio and engagement benefits.

As of now, all we can do is wait and see what kind of exciting content will result from the implementation of this program and whether or not it will succeed in keeping Clubhouse afloat.

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