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Auto Captions Now Available For All Video Uploads On Twitter

Quite a big update we have here: Twitter recently announced that auto captions would be enabled for all videos published within tweets, giving users more options to enjoy video content in the app.

Auto captioning will be enabled for all videos attached to tweets starting today, according to Twitter. On iOS and Android, captions will be enabled for muted in-stream videos, while desktop users will be able to turn them on and off as needed.

Auto captions on Twitter are supported in 37 languages, and while translation is not currently available, the captions will be in the language of the device used to upload the video.

Twitter's auto captions are also not modifiable at this time, which is a significant disadvantage. Both translation and editing tools are in the works.

The release is the latest advancement in Twitter's accessibility features, which were given a boost last year when two new internal teams focused on guaranteeing optimal utility for all users were announced. This came after the company was chastised for introducing audio tweets without the option of adding captions, prompting Twitter to acknowledge the need for more concentrated attention on this front.

Last year, Twitter revealed auto-captions for audio tweets (which it began testing in July), and auto captions for Spaces are also available.

Auto captioning in regular videos, on the other hand, may be the most significant advance yet. It could also be useful in Twitter's redesigned Explore tab, which is presently in development and offers tweets in a more TikTok-like full-screen, vertical scrolling manner, as highlighted by TechCrunch.

The advantage of having captions in this manner is that it allows users to engage with a wider range of content. While the majority of Twitter's usual feed is text-based, this redesigned structure is more aesthetically aligned, and captions may play a vital part in matching shifting engagement trends in this regard.

It's an excellent addition that will benefit numerous users. Another important potential benefit might be in categorization and data, with Twitter being able to better identify engagement behaviors and provide greater insight into user interests using auto-generated captions.

Although Twitter hasn't stated that this will be a use case for captions, the broadened considerations may be beneficial.

Auto captions will now appear on muted videos on iOS and Android, according to Twitter, and you can also view auto caption text on desktop by tapping the 'CC' button.

More information regarding Twitter's various auto-caption capabilities may be found here.

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