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  • Ruth Raima Servida

Auto Captions for Feed Posts are Coming Soon on Instagram

Auto caption for your Instagram feed? Sounds exciting, right?

Last September 2020, Instagram added the auto captions options for IGTV uploads, which improved accessibility. This feature has expanded to Stories in May this year, enabling users to add on-screen text to their video frames easily than before.

Today, the platform seems to make this cool tool available for the regular feed as well, basing on the tweet exchange above.

Adding new options to feed posts, users will surely love this! At times, viewing videos where you just can't turn on the sounds option can be a bit annoying, especially when you're spending time outside, or with friends.

For creators, this will reduce the time they spend in manually adding captions, while for the audience, getting the context in anything they watch won't be a problem anymore.

This newest feature may not totally surprise everyone, but it will be a big, helpful addition to the app. And the good news doesn't end, since it looks like this feature is on its way to us sometime soon!

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