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Augmented reality in eCommerce trends and statistics for 2020

Have you considered how augmented reality could change your eCommerce approach?

AR is evolving fast, providing new opportunities to help users experience different products. The most prominent of these so far has been virtual make-up tools, which show you what you'll look like in certain shades and products, but there are also tools which enable users to virtually try on clothes, or see what furniture will look like in their home

AR only looks set to become a more significant consideration for eCommerce providers. To help you get ahead f the curve, the team from InvespCRO has put together a range of stats and insights on AR for eCommerce in this infographic.

In it, they outline:

Augmented reality spending

Consumer opinion on augmented reality

The effect on the price consumers are willing to pay

The effect on customer satisfaction

Check out the infographic below for more detail.

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