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  • Isabel Encinares

Advertising for Small Business on TikTok

Have you noticed just how big TikTok is becoming? Ever get the idea that you can utilize the platform’s popularity to grow your business?

Well, the platform is currently on track to surpass a billion users in 2021. This means that, in terms of reach, it is comparable to even Instagram. Because of this, many digital marketers have started tuning in to the platform’s latest trends, trying to gauge whether their business will fit in or not.

Actually, a recent survey by SkyNova found that TikTok is the platform that business owners are currently most interested in marketing on. This is because they see the exact potential that TikTok has in terms of boosting online presence and allowing businesses to connect with customers.

If all this information sounds appealing and makes you want to give TikTok marketing a try for yourself, check out this comprehensive infographic put together by ZenBusiness. It details all the key elements you need for your marketing campaign and is sure to help you start out on TikTok.

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