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A New Study Analyzes the Best Snapchat Advertising Practices

What are the most effective Snapchat ads, and how can you enhance your Snap marketing strategy in 2022?

In a new three-part study, VidMob's team has set out to examine over 14,000 Snap ad campaigns from the past three years to identify important best practices and approaches to keep your marketing strategy in apace with the current market trends.

The research is divided into three sections: financial services, consumer packaged goods, and entertainment. VidMob has also offered a breakdown of what works best and how Snap users react to the advertising in each of the topic reports.

They've also provided a more detailed breakdown of crucial aspects, as well as important engagement statistics.

The aforementioned point is one of the many VidMob discovered - in general, the analysis shows that the following two elements operate in all verticals:

  • High contrast imagery - When compared to low color contrast videos, creatives with a high degree of contrast and bright colors had a 15% higher swipe up rate for Financial services, and high contrast commercials had a 40% higher swipe up rate for Entertainment. CPG advertising with strong color contrast received twice as much attention as other ads.

  • Minimized Text - Financial services creatives had a 175% higher view rate when less than 5% of the screen was allocated to text, whereas CPG advertising had an 85% difference. Entertainment ad swipe-up rates were 23% higher when text took up less than 5% of the screen.

Celebrity-led campaigns are another feature that works across verticals:

Snap's latest ad deal with Cameo, on the other hand, could open up new opportunities for celebrity-based ads in the app.

There are some noteworthy observations here, and if you're looking for methods to optimize your Snap ad strategy, it's worth going over the data, as they may generate new ideas for your campaigns.

The three VidMob whitepapers may be found here, here, and here.

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