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  • Meerelle Cruz

A Focus Timer with Spotify Could Be Windows 11's Best Productivity Feature

Panos Panay, Microsoft's hype man, tweeted a few days ago about an interesting new feature coming to Windows 11 that wasn't mentioned in the official announcement (nor was it present in any of the preview builds so far). Focus Sessions, which is essentially a Pomodoro-style timer with Spotify and Microsoft To-Do integration, will be included in the OS. It's something we’re all for.

The Pomodoro method is a basic productivity tactic that involves focusing on a subject for 20-30 minutes and then taking brief (typically 5-10 minute) breaks in between. The exact timing isn't set in stone, but the goal is to break down a task into manageable portions while still allowing for minor interruptions. The essential word here is modest; taking a timed short break will assist you from going off on a whole procrastination tangent.

Focus Sessions, according to Panay's teaser, would be built right into the Windows 11 Clock app. From Microsoft's To-Do app, you can decide how long you want to focus on and receive a summary of your projects. A daily progress tracker lets you know how many hours you've spent focusing.' There's also a little gamification component with a daily progress tracker that lets you know how many hours you've spent focusing.

The Spotify integration appears to show links to popular playlists as well as suggestions for appropriate background music. The integration is appreciated by me as someone who concentrates best when listening to music, though I hope Microsoft considers integrating additional services outside Spotify.

Of course, there is a slew of Pomodoro-style apps and websites available, but it's wonderful to see one built right into Windows; it'll make the practice more accessible to a wider audience. Given how frequently Microsoft mentions productivity, this minor upgrade could be one of the most important things added to Windows 11. While I can't guarantee that it will make you more productive, it will make you feel like you are. Isn't that the most important thing?

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