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7 ways to increase the performance of your marketing campaign with Facebook Messenger

While social media usage is currently at all-time highs amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, it may also be worth considering other avenues for your marketing, and how to you can reach audiences to boost engagement.

One option to consider on this front could be Facebook Messenger, which, according to this new infographic from Branex, is only used by around 31% of businesses in their outreach efforts.

Messages sent via Messenger see a higher open rate, and can enhance connection with your audience in a more intimate communications channel. You do need to approach messaging with a level of caution, as it can be easier to overstep the mark when connecting with consumers via message (though Facebook does have fairly strict limits on how many messages brands can send to customers either way). But used well, Messenger can be a solid complement to your overall marketing effort.

It could be worthy of consideration - check out the full infographic below for more insights into the potential of Messenger for your campaigns.  

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