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7 Quick Instagram Ad Hacks for Ecommerce

Everyone's using Instagram as part of their marketing blitz. Here's how to help your Instagram ads soar above your competitors'.

Last summer, Instagram announced that it had reached the impressive milestone of one billion users worldwide. With that number still rising steadily each day, you may feel more compelled than ever before to launch advertising campaigns on this platform to attract new shoppers and secure a few more sales before the end of the calendar year.

Doing just that would be an excellent idea.

The reason: Instagram has a fairly robust advertising program in place for businesses. You can do a lot when it comes to creating the right type of content for your audience, targeting the right people and building campaigns around specific goals and objectives that can fuel business growth.

If you’re looking for ideas that can help you boost engagement and ROI on the next batch of ads you launch on Instagram for your ecommerce business, start experimenting this week with these seven tips:

1. Go minimalist with typography.

It probably won’t surprise you to read that most Instagram posts and ads use photos or videos of people, places, products or other objects. That’s why when you see an ad on the platform comprised primarily of text and nothing else, it stands out. So, why not try this strategy?

Try launching an ad that features a single sentence, statement or offer, contrasted against a subtle background.

This example from the New York Times is particularly eye-catching.

2. Get clever with the zoom feature.

Most users are accustomed  to seeing ads on the platform, and they’ll quickly scroll past anything they think looks too forceful or predictable. One creative way to grab attention and boost engagement is by utilizing the zoom feature introduced a few years ago on the platform. For your next Instagram ad campaign, hide a word, phrase or promo code in your image and add a comment that asks viewers to pinch and zoom to reveal it.  

Noosa Yoghurt received a ton of praise for this example.

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