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6 Expert B2B Instagram tips You Need to Know in 2022

Instagram is truly a formidable player in the social media industry, with them boasting over 800 million monthly users. If you're a B2B company, you may believe the buzz doesn't apply to you, but it certainly does.

Currently, Instagram is being used by thousands of businesses and a number of high-profile B2B organizations to raise brand awareness, interact with their audience, and, eventually, attract new consumers.

The team at The B2B Marketing Lab sought to provide some succinct, actionable recommendations you can implement right away to help you take your Instagram game to a whole new level this year.

1. Use real-time, authentic user-generated content.

It's time to ditch the stock photography and scripted promotional images in favor of real-time photography. Prospects and leads on Instagram are looking for genuine material that gives them a personal view into your company's culture and product offerings.

Live video/live streaming content, for example, is unedited and completely you. It gives B2B firms a much-needed human touch and allows you to create true connections with your audience and future consumers. Extremely professional-looking material can come across as cold and detached; your clients want to know that the branding is backed up by real people with authentic experiences.

2. Mix it up and move swiftly.

Instagram makes it exceedingly simple to share photographs and videos immediately from your phone via its app. It's as simple as starting the app, pressing the add button, then selecting the photo or video you wish to upload.

The benefit is that you won't have to waste time producing content. You can post a variety of content whenever and wherever you choose, without having to plan ahead of time or edit it. Different sorts of content will not only attract and appeal to distinct sections of your audience, but will also demonstrate different aspects of your company. No one wants to spend their entire day on Instagram looking at photographs or quotes, do they?

3. Play an active role in your area.

Stop peering into the house via the window to see what's going on inside, come along to the celebration instead.

It's critical, as with any other social media platform, that you not just add information to your feed, but also participate in the larger discourse. Don't simply share pictures and videos; respond to your community's comments. Take a look at other Instagram accounts, browse through them, like some stuff, and maybe drop a polite comment here and there.

Others will be more willing to engage with you if you take the time to engage with them.

4. Take advantage of the link in your bio.

While you can't link to websites in the captions of Instagram images, you can add one in your profile. Your Instagram bio can be up to 150 characters long, along with a link. Your bio is the ideal place to include a link to your most recent blog post or special offers. You may also use Linktree to create a custom connection with a page with more links, allowing you to share up to five links and make the most out of your bio link!

Instagram Stories, on the other hand, are a terrific method to include links with your content. Stories only lasts 24 hours, though, which is a drawback but also a terrific opportunity for you to deliver real-time offers and value.

5. Every post should tell a narrative.

Businesses that tell the most intriguing tales on Instagram get the most followers. You need consistent visual storytelling that breaks through the clutter on Instagram if you want to draw people to your brand and encourage them to engage with you.

Don't just concentrate on your photo and video stream. Instagram's Stories feature allows you to make a photo or video slideshow or montage. Tell a tale and give your viewers a more personal experience by stringing them together.

6. Vanity metrics should be avoided.

Vanity metrics aren't always accurate. While more hits and likes are good, they don't tell you whether the proper individuals are interested in your material. Instead, seek for signs of genuine involvement, such as new followers in your area and comments on your posts. These two measures provide a more accurate picture of how well you're doing and how much exposure your company is receiving.

Consider Instagram for a moment.

While it has primarily been employed by B2C brands to date, it has huge potential for B2B organizations when used effectively – and with the factors mentioned above in mind!

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