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In 2020 our lifes changes completely, not only our private lifes, as well as our business lifes.

A meeting with a potential client as we used to do has changed.

A simple coffee meeting leading up to a potential deal, a meeting at the office, a real-life presentation.

It seems like a lifetime ago.

Creating that appointment has also changed.

We have found the perfect way to do that.
Using the power of social media and interaction through Linkedin , we are able to create those new appointments for you.


Our Approach

Change the outcome

Communicating through social media is easy, nevertheless telling and selling your story on social is a different ballgame.

Based on many years of experience with "social selling" we were able to find the way to create engaging conversations with your potential audience to create a DM chat that will lead to a business meeting.

Based on a solid combination of automation and real-life chat we are able to approach a large number of leads and turn them into prospects for your business.

All based on your company and Linkedin profiel.

Financial Chart

Just give it a go

Only pay for results

The best part about this solution is that we are able to offer you this as a contract free solution.

You only pay us for the meetings we provide you.

Every meeting is confirmed for you, and accepted on both side.

We charge you a startup fee of € 100,-

Every meeting will cost you between € 100,- and € 150,-