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Today, Wed Dec 8th, 2021 - it's Lard Day!

While traditionally viewed as unhealthy, lard can specifically be used as a better way to incorporate healthy fats into a nutritional diet. Lard Day exists to showcase how lard can be used and inform people about why lard is considered a better fat option than butter or grease. If you’re curious about how this holiday began, read more to learn about the history of Lard Day and how you can celebrate it.

Lard Day observes the use of lard in American diets and aims to educate people about its health benefits. Lard is considered to be a healthy fat, according to the Healthy Fats Coalition, which formed this holiday to inform people about the difference between unhealthy fats and healthy fats. The coalition is made up of multiple organizations and companies that sponsor the use of healthy fats. As an education initiative, Healthy Fats Coalition markets the healthy benefits of lard because of how it contains monounsaturated fats that are considered healthy for the heart.

Since the creation of Lard Day, organizations such as the Coast Packing Company, one of the number one fat shortening manufacturers on the Western Coast, have been sponsoring the holiday by hosting cooking competitions. Although it is a nationally declared official holiday, Lard Day has made its way into the limelight by bringing back roots in tradition and culture. Many cultures use lard as an enhancer to their foods and the Coast Packing Company hosts a yearly competition to showcase how lard can be used to make food taste great without the cost of hurting your body.


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