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Our Features

We created a lot of cool features in the dashboard.

Full integration

Our dashboard creates a full and save integration with your ad account data from Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

Smart view

Getting your data in a crystal clear view on a day to day base is our goal.
With this smart view approach we help you save a lot of time checking your campaigns.


There are so many possible ways to enhance and improve your campaigns. You just need to know where your campaign is losing money or uplifting the results. We show you this in an instant and smart overview. You just have to make the decisions  and improve

Alerts & Triggers

We know that managing social media campaigns is very time consuming and limited  by the data you can see in i.e. Facebook.

SO we created a watchdog for you that is always looking over your shoulder to show you where you can improve your campaign


Get notifications when your campaign is going in the wrong direction or when it's moving to your goals and the success you are working towards.


The best way to show yourself and anyone around you how your ads are performing is to visualize the campaigns in a great looking and smart report.

We got you covered there

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