Frequently asked questions

Audience Trends

Where are you collecting the Hashtag data?

We collect the data from a couple of different social media sources. When you build your own Trends insights you connect to Instagram and/or Twitter. We connect with your Instagram and/or Twitter account through a so called API connection to collect the data from the hashtags you like to discover. This is a certified secure connection with Instagram and Twitter. Every time a social media user from Instagram and/or Twitter uses a hashtag you selected , the post is being collected by our system. We also use the open web connection with i.e. Pinterest and TikTok to collect data.

Are you GDPR compliant?

We are very keen and strict on following the rules of privacy and rules about handling data set by the GDPR. We do not save or collect ant personal or unrelated data from social media users or from youw account.

What is the difference between your audience inspiration and social listening?

Social listening is the general term used for collecting data from social media. We use the same technology to "get" the data from social media. Many of the social listening dashboards work with the same basics , however use and process the data in a different way. Most listening tools like Hootsuite are a customer service driven tool to help a brand manage (positive/negative) social media presence and help post organic posts to different networks like Twitter, FB and Instagram. Our tool is build for discovering trends and get inspired about potential audiences that are talking about topics for your brand or product that matter to you. After collecting the data we combine all the similar data into buckets like gender, age, geography and interest. This combined data can be used to get inspired about what people talk about in relation to your product, industry or service. This data can be used to help set up google search or ad campaigns and also to use as inspiration for audience selection for social media campaigns

Dashboard general

How do I sign up?

From our website you can sign up for the dashboard. You can always start with a free trial of 14 days to get aquanted to the dashboard and its features and potential. The direct link to the signup page is :

Where can I find out how the dashboard works?

To help you with getting started with the dashboard we created a video library of all relevant topics to watch before trying them. The video section is in the dashboard menu

I like to get some more help

To get the help you need to get you up and running as soon as possible we are here to help you in any way we can.
We have a few options to help you out:

  • We created a video library with the visual guidance to help you
  • We created a live chat with one of our experts to guide you. You will find this icon to chat in the left corner of your dashboard. Just say -hello- and one of our team members will respond
  • We can help you with a demo. If you contact us by email or chat and ask for a demo, we will schedule one for you.

Can I share my account with different people?

Your dashboard login is unique and for your own use only. You can invite other people to join your account.
In the heavy version you are allowed to invite up to 5 people. It's also possible for someone to create their own account and connect to the same Facebook account you are already using.

What is the Dashboard?

The Roundabout dashboard is build to help social media marketeers run their social campaigns more effectively by saving time in managing and guidance in getting better results. The dashboard contains different sections like Campaign Dashboard and Audience Discovery.

Campaigns dashboard

Connecting my Facebook

The most important setting to benefit all the potental of the dashboard is to connect with your Facebook business manager. We made this as easy as possible. During your first visit we created the first moment to connect to the Facbeook Business manager. If you decide not to do this right away, you can always connect in a later stage through the settings page in the menu

I connected the wrong Facebook account

No problem, you can disconnect your Facebook through our dashboard. After this you can easily connect again on the same page or go to "Your Campaigns" and a popup will open to connect again

How can I disconnect my Facebook connection?

No problem, you can disconnect your Facebook through our dashboard. After this you can easily connect again on the same page or go to "Your Campaigns" and a popup will open to connect again

I don't have a Facebook business account, can I use your tool?

In order to use the campaigns dashboard it is necessary to connect with your Facebook business account to get the data from your advertisements on Facebook. If you don't run any Facebook ads yet, you can start by building them on Facebook en create a Facebook business account. From the moment you have your first campaign, you can connect with the Roundabout Dashboard.

How do you connect with Facebook to get my advertising data?

We work with he official Facebook developers API from Facebook/Instagram to be able to connect to your account data. We are officially approved by Facebook/Instagram to connect with our dashboard to the Facebook /Instagram developers programm.

Is the data from my advertising account only visible to me?

The data we collect for you from your Facebook account is dedicated and stored just for you in a private and secure part on our server. This secure part can only be accessed by your account. Other users are not able to connect to your data. Roundabout scans the data on the surface from time to time to use it as general data for trends in the advertising industry. The surface means we look at general information like the CPC, CPM, CTR and more general data without connecting the data to personal information from your account. For example , on a timeframe of 30 days we collected all the CPC data as a stand alone dataset to combine from all accounts and create an average to help you with recommendations on your CPC bidding compared to the industry.