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Real time campaign management

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You connect your business manager or agency to the dashboard in order to get everything set. 


You implement the #hashtags in the audience discovery tool to collect the new target audiences. 


Determine the campaign settings, set the KPIs, create the right alerts and once everything is checked you can start your campaign.

After this you're good to go.....

From this moment on our dashboard connects with your social media channels. All the campaign data is collected in the dashboard.

Every second the system will run hundreds of different real-time A/B tests on your campaign to find the right enhancement to better results.

Some of those outcomes will come back to you as 'recommendations'  others are already automated for you.

Our team will be pleased to help and advise you of course.

Campaign optimization

Change the outcome

Optimization is the key, our unique technology goes hand in hand with your campaign data.


Our system is able to notify you about all trends during your campaigns.

In order to create a successful social advertising campaign, our system works like a watchdog, 24/7 monitoring your campaigns.

Every moment that your campaign is running, its being monitored and alerted through our unique technology.

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Alerts & Notifications

The best way to optimize your campaign is to monitor, evaluate and adjust in real-time, 24/7.

That's why we have created a watchdog system for you, triggered by your KPI's in your campaign.

The dashboard keeps a close eye on your campaign, based on your running 7-days performance or manual settings.

This unique feature will save you a lot of time and will help improve your campaign strategy to get the best possible result.

Make your campaigns go 

above and beyond!

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Campaign Dashboard


Your social media campaign results are constantly fluctuating; see how they perform based on the KPI's like CPM, CTR and CPC.


Manage the outcome of your campaigns based on real time information from your ads and start optimizing on conversions and performance.

Let the numbers point out the facts,
optimize your social media campaigns
and get the best possible result.


Integrated channels

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  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
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