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Audience Discovery tool

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The challenge in every advertising campaign is to choose the right audience to target your ads.

Roundabout discovered the best way to make the decision. Based on the real time sentiment drawn from the social media cloud our unique tool is able to find you the best matching audiences.

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Real time campaign management

Change the outcome

Social advertising is unique in it's behaviour, you can reach tremendous amounts of people, but the method also allows you to manage the campaign in real-time. You can adjust your campaign once it runs to create a better outcome. Very interesting , but also very high maintanance if you want to to do that on a daily and hourly bases.

In every social advertising campaign there are about 30.000 different settings to change the outcome on a real-time bases.

We developed a unique model and method to enable you to drive your campaign to the very best outcome.

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We understand how difficullt running campaigns can be and how intensive the industry can be.

We offer a wide range of services to help and guide you with those challenges.

Our experts can help you with

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- Consultacny

- Strategy

- Campaign management

After handling over 200+ clients in over 30 countries and thousands of different campaigns we are convinced we can help you run the best ads possible

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The challenge in every social advertising campaign is to choose the right audience to target your ads.

Roundabout discovered the best way to make the descision. Based on the sentiment drawn from the social media cloud.

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