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Audience Discovery

Discover the unexpected

Finding your ideal audience for social media advertising is not a guessing game. It's all about finding out which group of people is most likely to interact with your product or service


It's not about the individual person, but much more about the like minded groups of people, sharing the same interest, location and demographics.

Roundabout developed a unique way to discover those relevant, and new audiences for your product, service or brand.

Our clients use this high value information for building the right campaign.

So don't miss out anymore on the audience fluctuations and trends from your brand , product or service.

Be surprised

Insights :

  • Audience discovery based on your own brand or product hashtags.

  • Find "new" discovered hashtags. Daily updates in your dashboard.

  • Alerts for new discovered hashtags en trends.

  • Timeline, real-time and looking back in time

  • Full breakdown of interest, age, geography or gender.

  • Post insights, best content, highest conversion and more.

You can take the results into your audience selection for your social advertising campaign.


Insights & trends

The magic


Seeing is believing

Through our unique audience discovery tool, we are able to discover target audiences.

Just by adding only 15 keywords or hashtags our machine is able to find everything there is to know about the related topics your audience is now talking about....real time!


The new audiences will be formulated based on related hashtags and keywords we implement into our tool. This allows us to “listen” to the people who move around the hashtags and keywords. Based on the insights we gain from Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest we are able to establish 360° profiles set to use in your social media advertising campaign.


During this process, besides the original hashtag search query, we tag along all other related hashtags that are used in the social post. We collect hundreds of thousands of posts and break down every post into usable data like Geography, Age, Gender and Keywords. The top factors, who share similar characteristics, are compiled into new custom audiences. 


The end result of these sets are the ingredients i.e. Facebook needs for building an audience.

Make your campaigns go 

above and beyond!

Work with the best tools to get the job done


Give the system your best keywords and let it collect the most relevant related keywords and hashtags from the social media cloud.


Easily discover the most engaging demographics of your potential audience.

Find the most relevant locations in the world where people talk about your business or brand. Filter the locations into Country and City level to get the best possible audience trends.


Integrated channels

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest