"If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough" 

by Mario Andretti

Our company started as a way to improve, change and reshape the world around what we call Social Advertising.

We are innovators. We set out to find blue oceans,
creating opportunities, striving for continuous


This is our track record for the past 8 years, 
our company kept evolving from day 1 and we ended up figuring out how to get Social Advertising a true success for every client


Social Media advertising​

To put it mildly, advertising lost its impact and therefore its value resulting in red figures for way too many advertisers. Add in the rise of social networking and advertising became quite complicated in the last few years.  Running a successful ad campaign takes knowledge and dedicated time.

By taking a closer look at the process of a successful ad campaign, we discovered the parts that needed fixing.


Closely collaborating with the Social Networks through their API structures our IT team developed a cutting edge new technology.  This technology is decisive when it comes to create successful Social Media advertising.

Our model is a solid combination between human experts and technology.


We surround ourselves with great minds and advisors who have long earned their medals.

Everyone, and every part of our company is built for striving for success and improving the model


"Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first"

by Simon Sinek


We value energy and dynamics. With energy comes life being alive on the job means progress will come....

Everyone and every aspect of our company is built for success and stands for constant improvement of the model.


We let people grow, make mistakes, achieve goals, learn from errors and strive for ambition. We are surrounded by a great team of highly involved people, looking for that challenge every day. Whether they work on Development Social Marketing , Sales or Backoffice. We help eachother aim for the stars and shoot!


Our success story is being written by all members. We all contribute to our story.


"You don't learn to walk by following rules, you learn by doing and by falling over"

by Richard Branson



People are our greatest asset. Our team creates the impossible, shapes the dream and  consolidates our success.


We value them. We try to teach, lead, appreciate, party , help and guide them to achieve the impossible. They rise above themselves, experience how awesome success feels  and how "addicted" being successful is.


Our team is growing fast. As our growth strategy we look specifically for  energy, motivation and morals, when hiring the new ones. We are ignorant about the best resume ,  we seek power. No resume tells us about the person, only the facts they are on a paper.


We strongly believe in building partnerships. Together we are able to achieve more. We invest in our partners, we help each other in business and achievements.


Our goal is to become the largest social media dashboard , to achieve this goal , we have to build a strong network of smart people and companies willing to build bridges together. 

Collaboration is one of the finest words in a language. No win for any of the parties, but mutual benefits as equal partners.

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